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Here are the articles of clothing that are often needed to complete

a full Class A BSA uniform inspection:


Scout Shirt (long or short sleeved)

Scout Pants

Scouts BSA Belt 

Scout Socks 

Appropriate Footwear (such as sneakers or hiking boots,

no open-toed shoes) 


Shoulder Loops 

American Flag Patch

Council Patch 

Scout Insignia Patch 

Patrol Patch 

Troop Number Patch


Rank Patch

Merit Badge Sash

Leadership Position Patch 

Troop neckerchief

Neckerchief Slide 


These can be purchased brand new at the Scoutshop online at You can also get it secondhand on Ebay and sometimes at Goodwill.

Learn How to Use...

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List of Merit Badges


Here's a list of all Merit Badges available. Click on this link and it will take you to BSA's site. Find a merit badge that interests you and if you click on its link, you'll be taken to a description of what it's about and the requirements for completing it.

Only one rule: you must let your Scoutmaster know that  you want to start a Merit Badge so that we can connect you with the right counselor to make sure you are fulfilling the requirements according to Scouts BSA. 

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